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Online Games

Online Games

An online game is a game played over some forms of computer network. At the present, this almost always means the Internet or comparable onlinetechnology; but games have always used at all technology was current: modems before the internet, and hard wired terminals before modems. The expansion of online gaming has reflected the overall expansion of computer networks from small local networks to the Internet and the growth of Internet access itself. Online games can range from simple text based games to games incorporating complex

2. A game always has components and rules.

In most games, the rules are more considerable than the components. But there are games where these roles are reversed: where the components are significant and the rules not very important at all. Usually, these are action games like Looping Louie.

RulesThe components are the hardware, the rules are the software. Both define the game. Both can exist independently from each other, but separately are not a game.

Archeology finds ancient game boards and game pieces, but no one knows what rules these ancients used to participate their games. We will never know how these games were played.

Components and rules can be combined:

  • A set of components may be used with different rules.
  • A set of rules can be used with different components.

Suppose we just had the rules for Halma, but not the board and pieces and had to reconstruct the game.

  • What should the board look like?
  • How many spaces should it have?
  • What shape do the places have: square, hexagonal, or round?
  • How are the spaces laid out?
  • Are all the spaces the same size or are they of different sizes?
  • How many pieces are there?
  • What do the pieces look like? Does a piece take more than one space when played?

The rules are not sufficient to define a game! (Unless the rules have pictures of the components and game situations.)

3. What criteria must a game have?

There are criteria which apply to all games and those that apply to the “games with rules”. First, I will express the criteria that apply to “games with rules”.

  • Game rules
  • Goal
  • The course of the game is never the same – chance
  • Competition

3.1 Game rules

As already discussed, the rules and the components define the game. Everything that is in the policy is part of the game. Everything that is not in the policy does not belong in the game. The rules are the borders and the heart of the game. They only refer to the game and never exist outside of the game. Even though the game has rules which are like laws, playing a game is voluntary and cannot be forced on the players. Whoever plays a game, voluntarily binds him self to the rules. Where force is complicated, there is no game. All games without rules are not “games with rules”.